I am 75 I dont drive so it hard to go to the gym with this program. I lost over 2 1/2 inches overall in just 3 months. I have a corn that is painful it sounds crazy but this vibration helps that to the only thing is I need a new wardrobe thank you new wave vibrations.

- Darlene

After being given only four months to live and experiencing my own miraculous healing from stage 4 liver cancer, cirrhosis, and Hep C, and add in a couple of hip surgeries which floored me; I attribute my healing to mind, body and spirit awareness; through a very specific nutrition program, smart supplementation and as soon as I was strong enough exercise. This whole experience has led me on my journey to find the most effective ways to help my fellow human being; and so grateful to continue to humble myself to life’s miracles; living only in the now.



- Rick Barwick

I work out everyday and this machine increased my endurance and worked out muscles I didn’t even know I had. I highly recommend this machine to any one wanting to increase their overall endurance.

- Nima Moradi

I suffered 2 strokes my A1C   was 9.8which is a blood sugar level  over 300. doctors had me on all kinds of drugs ;insulin 4 times a day ,high cholesterol since I started using the vibrawav about 3 months A1C below 5 I Am off the insulin, and most of the pills.My  blood sugar is 100 or less. I also lost 2 inches over all;and I am back driving.everyone should have a vibrawav only 10 min a day .  thank you for this program .

- Gail Barwick

I had knee surgery when it healed I still had no flexibility and was still in pain. My first time on this machine, my pain has amazingly decreased and I couldn’t believe the improvement and flexibility.

- Riley Brennan