Cran-Raspberry Flavor KIDS Edition



Ola Loa Cran-Raspberry KIDS Multi is 100% all-natural with no preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or fake sugars. During our product flavor development, my son and his friends chose Cran-Raspberry because they liked its great taste! Now, they look forward to drinking their delicious Ola Loa everyday. My son thrives because of Ola Loa; so will your children. Ola Loa’s KIDS multi vitamin drink mix is the easiest way to get your kids to take their daily multi vitamin supplement. Just add the contents of the single serving packet to a 4-6 oz. glass of cold water or juice, and your kids can drink their vitamins. They will love the yummy Cran-Raspberry flavor—and don’t be surprised if they ask for more!

This product is sold in boxes of 30 packets for $24.99.


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