About Us


Our mission

Our company represents the ultimate health and wellness solution. Harnessing the power of Whole Body Vibration, we represent one of the, highest value vibration platforms available today. At new wave vibrations we are focused on the lifelong benefit valued by everyone: good health and well-being. We are determined to provide reliable equipment that is not only highly effective, but also easy to use. In addition we have added a unique line of financial health and wellness products and opportunities that are mostly free to join so can you enjoy the benefits they offer to complete your overall health and wellness goals.

Who we are

Originally developed for Russian cosmonauts, later used by Olympic and professional athletes, Whole Body Vibration therapy is now available to everyone. Not only are we committed to delivering unparalleled value and quality products to our customers, but our company is also truly passionate about health and fitness. We are highly motivated on providing the best fitness equipment and related products to everyone.

What we value

Vibration is a quicker, safer and more effective method of putting the human body in an ideal health state where it recovers and heals much quicker than other methods used by traditional health and wellness providers’ .we value your time and our commitment to you.

What we do

A healthy society comprises of healthy people and our goal is to provide the tools needed to reach a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost. Vibration has been around since the 60s with hundreds of studies conducted. We are dedicated to increasing that knowledge and all the benefits of Whole Body Vibration by becoming the industry-leading company in the market. We also have a team of highly educated individuals that search the planet for new and exciting products and financial wellness opportunities which we will bring to you as they surface giving you the upper hand in bringing your cost down on the products you want and need.

Our equipment encompasses 5 major benefits:

  • Weight Management
  • Beauty and Well-Being
  • Everyday Fitness
  • Injury Recovery
  • Active Aging

New Wave Vibrations provides better results in just 10 minutes than you receive from 60 minutes of traditional exercise.  Through vibration 100% of the muscle fiber is being stimulated versus approximately 40% in the same non-vibration exercise. It takes 8 to 10 months of traditional exercise to accomplish the same results that take only 1 month with vibration. We only have 24 hours in a day you either use it or lose. Vibration does almost all the work for you. Combine this with proper nutrition smart supplementation and a positive mental attitude. And enjoy life in the now. Please join us on this journey, you are the transformation.